Why We Stand Out

Why we stand out:

We are strong supporters of smaller charities such as;

  • MS Aust
  • Blind Assoc
  • Alzheimer’s Assoc
  • Headspace
  • Beyond Blue

Any small change is collected for our selected charity and donated bi-monthly. Where possible we try to keep the funds here in Albany.

For us at Koffee Boost, second to preparing a delicious coffee is hygiene.

Having a clean presentable van shows you we take our mixing espresso beverages seriously, with you always in mind.

When serving new customers we often get asked if we a new business in town or visiting from Perth.

No, we have been operating here for the past six years.

For us, a clean fresh van produces clean fresh coffee – what a perfectly appealing experience.

Our van is open to all, people are our business and part of our coffee culture.

Our food is made by small local catering businesses…

…so our selection is fresh, interesting and something to look forward to each time we meet.

When it comes to our mixed espresso beverages we’re a little creative, some of which a heavenly, take a look… menu

And our roasted coffee, fully certified (fair trade) and exclusive to Koffee Boost.

So, when you meet us you will experience something to remember because we believe you deserve something more – second to none.

Water is crucial to the coffee and so that you receive our coffee in its purest form we filter the water through 3 commercial filters before it reaches our machines.

Now, where can you find us? Monday to Friday we operate a mobile daily barista service starting from 6:30 am and finishing midday.

Our weekends are open for any occasion or event. So as you can see we are passionate about creating an excellent coffee experience for YOU!

So, all you need is to ring 0447 266 788, we look forward to your call.