Hiring a mobile coffee van couldn’t be easier— Koffee Boost is ready for any occasion or corporate event. We deliver quality coffee equal to what you’d expect from a high-end cafe in volume.

In our four years of operation, Koffee Boost has supplied coffee to a growing number of people with events hosting people between 80 to 3500.

With our unique brand of coffee and catering solutions, it has allowed us to develop a solid working relationship with our customers who appreciate our professionalism, high standards in hospitality, and of course our coffee.

Our blend combines five of the highest grade, carefully selected beans, from the finest estates in Central and South America, New Guinea and Asia. The sweet caramel aroma, followed by an exceptionally rich rounded flavour is especially smooth and flamboyant.

Hiring a mobile coffee van for an event or trade show allows you to engage with the audience. A mobile coffee van is a proven necessity and a crowd pleaser, keeping their attention and creating a memorable coffee experience. When you hire “Koffee Boost” know your audience will be well taken care of with fast efficient professional service, so that you may focus on what you need to.

Our team are friendly and enthusiastic, well-traveled and educated. We’re happy, and enjoy sharing good humour on the job.We each have our own areas of interest beyond coffee. We’re a collective of baristas, artists, caterers, corporrate professionals and students.

Most events will have key periods where guests will want a coffee. Before a session, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

The Cost?

Koffee Boost pricing includes provision of professional baristas, uniformed and trained in Safe Food Handling (HACCP). This means, reliable and professional service for both you and your customers. If required coffee hardware is available at no extra cost (inc. Van, Marquee with small formal dress serving table).

  • $230.00 – 1½ hour duration, at which up to 40 beverages will be served.
  • $420.00 – 3 hour duration, at which up to 80 beverages will be served.
  • $1265 .00 – All day (7hrs), at which up to 250 beverages will be served.

In addition to the above pricing, bundles of 25 (8 oz cups) can be added at a cost of $115.00 per package.

NB: A surcharge of $95.00 (local) or paid per km (outside CBD) maybe applied for bookings when:

  1. An event is conducted in a location that requires significant travel
    (more than 30 km outside the CBD) by Koffee Boost.
  2. An event is conducted during peak trading periods (between 6:30 am – 12:00 pm),
    where servicing the event may result in a reduction in regular trade for Koffee Boost.
  3. A booking is reserved on any weekend when a package is not selected. An hourly rate will apply.
  4. Charity Fundraisers Rebate – (Larger Audience)

    • A heavily discounted hourly booking fee will apply to cover our basic running costs.
    • As part of our “Win Program” Koffee Boost is happy to profit share. A percentage per cup (hot beverages only) will be presented by donation to your cause/charity within 2-3 days following the event.
    • Coffee pricing will be charged normal at $ 4.50 / 8 oz & $ 5.00 / 12oz.
    • (We DO NOT increase pricing for events).
    • Approximate duration – By demand.

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